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Jan 18, 2020

GGG 236 CES 2020 - This week Matt, Adam, and Heinrich sit down to talk some of the neatest stuff shown off at CES 2020.

No more first party xbox exclusives for the new consoles first years

Bezelless 8k and 8k streaming

Samsung 8k’s will include 8k tuners

Whirlpool oven integrated smart sensor

New Vizio 4k lineup with oled and FreeSync

TP link wifi 6 mesh

Flood light cam

55” 4k OLED gaming monitor

Oral-b ai toothbrush

Colgate smart toothbrush

10 second tooth brush

Smart faucet coming this year

Smart sun visor

Netatmo smart lock

More Samsung wall tv size options


Intel 10th gen cpu’s passing 5ghz

Smart light to help those with dyslexia

Ikea smart blinds now support home kit

Tp link wifi 6 gaming router

Dell switch like pc concept

Xfinity upgraded modems

Lenovo Thinkpad x1 fold

Short throw 4k laser projector

64 core threadripper confirmed\

Radeon 5600xt launch

Ryzen 4000 bringing zen 2 to laptops

Sony OLED and 8k tvs brining auto calibration

Pc console hybrid system now available

New Elgato 4k60 s+

8tb ssd prototype

Smart shoes

bacteria killing screen protector

New Bluetooth spec

Intel horseshoe prototype

Hyundai flying taxi concept 

Nighthawk mesh system

electrochromic glass lens cover

Sunflower home security

8k vr for nasa

AMD clarifying FreeSync branding specs

Panasonic slim vr headset

Intel tries for the discrete GPU market again

Pokemon home coming in feb 2020

Pokemon sword and shield expansions coming this year

Verizon ends bundling

Intel Nuc

Garbage disposal for composting

Haptic feedback gaming chair

Home bio labs

Yale smart delivery box

Bi directional ev charger

Finger print secured external ssd

Video that works In landscape and portrait

Off grid moisture farming is becoming a thing

irobot adding ifttt support

Bi copter drone

Rog swift G-sync ultimate monitor


New Nvidia driver with a frame rate cap option

360hrz gaming monitor

B quiet straight power 11 psu now 80+ platinum

Updated corsair AIO’s

Corsair tower air cooler

Inwin signature case

Switch game cube controller mod

GTA4 pc sales end

Portal prequel

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