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Welcome to the Geekiest Gun show on the web!  

Blending technology and video game enthusiasts together with firearms enthusiasts. Because we can all quote Monty Python and enjoy Star Wars or Star Trek no matter what community we hail from.

Aug 29, 2016

Episode 110 NightHawk Revolvers- Today the hosts discuss the new NightHawk revolvers, high end video gear, the iOS software update, MRE's and more!

Intro Music: Feruerschwanz - Metnotstand im Marchenland

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Aug 21, 2016

Episode 109 Glock 17m - This week the hosts discuss some epic media, slide mounted optics, and the new Glock 17m.

Intro Song: Alestorm - The Sunk'n Norwegian

Episode 105 Into Video: Russkaja - Energia

Russkaja - Change

Konturst - Dance

The Last Centurion - John Ringo

Live Free or Die -John Ringo

Monster Hunter Memoirs:...

Aug 15, 2016

Episode 108 SCA All Day - This week Matt and Heinrich are joined by Sean from the Gun Blog Variety Cast to discuss all things SCA.


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Aug 8, 2016

Episode 107 Handgun Improvement - This week the host are joined by Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy Podcast and designer of the Plan B base pad for the M&P Shield and offers a great deal of insight into all things guns. Check it out

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Aug 4, 2016

Episode 106 The Weerdest Episode Yet! - This week Matt and Heinrich are joined by Weer'd Beard and they discuss LITERALLY everything Geeks, Gadgets, and Guns! The long anticipated episode is the longest to date and has a bit of everything from vintage and modern computers and video games, computer builds from...