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Feb 8, 2020

GGG 239 SHOT 2020 Part 3 - This week Matt and Heinrich finish up the last of the SHOT 2020 announcements.


Recover Tactical 20/20 Glock Stabilizer kit


Vp9 optics ready and capacity increase


Clear polymer ar15 receivers


AK 20’s




Nosler 27


Universal Sight pusher


2A Armament Ti BCG


Foldy glocks are coming down in price


Ruger PCC chassis that takes ar grips and stocks


blackpowder cartridges for muzzle loaders


New DEAR gun is actually making it to the market


NAA expands the ranger2 top break mini revolver line


Mdr updates


Fixit sticks new kits and scope level


P320/P365 hybrid frame


Sierra to introduce polymer case commercial ammo


Nemo ar10 recoil reducing bolt and buffer


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