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Blending technology and video game enthusiasts together with firearms enthusiasts. Because we can all quote Monty Python and enjoy Star Wars or Star Trek no matter what community we hail from.

Feb 8, 2015

Episode 29 Top Ten Movies Matthew – This week the hosts discuss Matt’s top ten favorite movies.

The Sting PG 8.4 

Reservoir dogs R  8.4  Metactitic 78

Raiders of the Lost Ark  PG 8.6 Metacritic 90

RocknRolla R 7.3 Metacritic 53

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang R 7.7 Metacritic 72

The Blues Brothers R 8.0

Lucky # Slevin 7.8 Metacritic 53

The Dark Knight PG13 9.0 Metacritic 82

Monty Python and the Holy Grail PG 8.4 Metacritic 90

The Shawshank Redemption R 9.3 Metacritic 80




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