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Welcome to the Geekiest Gun show on the web!  

Blending technology and video game enthusiasts together with firearms enthusiasts. Because we can all quote Monty Python and enjoy Star Wars or Star Trek no matter what community we hail from.

May 19, 2024

GGG 339 Lighting Up The Night - This week we reflect on the TNVC night vision class, issues encounterd, new Hornady bullet designs, supersonic physics/design, RC machines, and the 38th anniversery of the Hughes Ammendment stealing our rights.

Dirty Civilian E Dirt Bike 

Tisas 5.7

FN Five-seveN Gen 2

TNVC Training

Apr 28, 2024

GGG 338 Hopes Rocketing High - This week we talk model rocket launches, tornado insanity in the planes, Fallout show/games, and how game configurators should expand into more consumer configurators.

Nebraska Rocketry

Twitch Channel

Instagram (Matt)

Instagram (Heinrich)

LFD Research Youtube

LFD Research Playur


Apr 21, 2024

GGG 337 Printing Fallout - This week we talk more on the night rifle build preps, 3D printers, The Gamers Nexsus EK reporting, the Fallout Tv show and more.

Prusa XL

Bambu X1 Carbon Combo

Sovol Sv08

10 foot 3D Printer

Extrusion Width and Print Strength

Made With Layers

Teaching Tech


Gamers Nexus EK


Apr 7, 2024

GGG 336 Night Rifle Configs - This week we talk setups and configuring our rifles for our upcoming night vision class and the joys of 18650 batteries. 

Rein 3 with old switch

Rein 3 new switch

Arisaka T2 Mount

Arisaka Extendo Picatinny Bar

18650 Case

Amazon 14 18650 case

Triple 18650 Case

18650 battery storage with...